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This is a description :3

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This is a description :3

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Hello to you reader! :D Thanks for visiting my page! I already love you! <3

Info on me? Hmm... let's see...

My real name is Abigail, but please, for my sanity, call me Abbz :) I'm 16 and single - however, this doesn't mean you can go flirting! XD As if you would! You lovely person, you!!

What else? Oh yes! I have loads of characters but you'll mostly see me drawing/animating;

Abbz the Luxio

Pyro the Lucario

Velvet the Miko

Krissy the Rabbit

What else? Requests? You love me enough to ask them?! I knew I liked you when you started reading this! :D

Requests have always been completely free from me :D All you gotta do is ask and I'll see what I can do :D

I think that's all D: I know it pains you to stop reading my posts... But don't fret my special friend, you!

I post flipnotes fairly regularly so you can keep up to date with me! :D I'm also always happy to chat and be friendly to anyone :D

That's all for now folks! Click the link below to see my Deviantart Account :D I'd appreciate it if you did, BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE TIME FRIENDS!

~ Abbz

(((Birthday : 18th December)))


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Abigail Jayne George






18th December 1995

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I don't work


Flipnote, Pokemon, Writing poems and songs, Studying history

Special skills

Cheering people up - History


English, Very little Welsh, Even Less French

To All My Friends :3

You all are the most important thing in the world to me and you make using this website such an epic hobby for me :3 If it weren't for you guys, I probably wouldn't be here now typing this (3 Thank you all so much for all the stars, downloads, spin offs and for getting me where I am now :D You guys are incredible and are forever outshining me with incredible flipnotes of all kinds - You're all so epic!!