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Okay so... this was updated on 9/6/15 and I need help. Contact me through dA: Pawsome18. If you are Random, the lucario with wings, please contact me there. I need to talk with you. It's been years. Anyway ignore the rest it's me being dumb.

Hey everyone, I'm Paws from Hatena. Hatena, it ended about two months ago. This is the place where I served many great memories since the summer of 2011. I started out basic, but as I improved and got more friends, I became really attached to the site. I also enjoyed animation a lot more than I did when I was younger.

When I heard about Hatena ending, I was devastated. I know that I would loose some great and close friends. I also felt like a jerk; I've lied to everyone about a lot. I'm sorry. I never meant to do that. Too much has gone on in my life: School, for example. My transition to middle school made me more mature; I got different interests and nearly ditched my DSI. I also lost a bit of my animation skill. I would really like to start up again, but not on my Flipnote Hatena. I need a more advanced program, something on my computer or on my future iPad Mini.

But, if you're one of my fans and reading this, thank you. I love you and miss you guys.

And if you're Random Purple, hey, I need you buddy. You were always there for me and now a piece of my heart is missing. I loved your animations and art style, please come back and talk to me.

Ok, here are other places to find me:

DeviantART: Pawsome18

HatenaBlog: Paws_Breeze18

I really hope you guys can talk to me again. I've really improved on my art, and, hey, I got an art program and learned to use it. Please view my art on dA, and constantly and alwasy active on there. You can read below some of the stuff about me. But if you guys ever talk to one of my friends/fans, tell them I loved them and for getting me into the interest of animation. It's now my life-long dream to work for Cartoon Network and help somebody's dream for their own show to view on TV. I love you guys. Thanks for the memories, even though some weren't so great. (: <3

REAL Name: Mariah

NickName: Paws

Age: What gives?

Gender: Female

Hobbies: Animation, Irish Dance, Drawing

Favorite Music: Dubstep, Chillstep, Pop

Favorite Animal: Dogs and Puppies

Favorite Color[s]: Blue and Purple

Favorite TV Channel: Cartoon Network

Favorite TV Shows: Dexter's Laboratory, Codename: Kids Next Door, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go, Gravity Falls, Grojband

Relationship Status: Single

Hatena Closest Friends [Sisters]: ShinySnivy, khold-rk9, Tacha, Pikachu***, Random, EpicBunary, Holo, Atari-Wolf, Takura

That's it for now. I'm crying because of you guys. I know you all won't read it, but send me a note on Hatena or talk to me on Hatena Blog.

Signing Out the last time

~ Paws