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I'm PeaceWolf. A pleasure to meet you! I'm also otherwise known as Nicole, P-Dub, or simply Peace, whichever you prefer to call me. Any one is completely fine. =)

I like to play guitar, go to church, spend time with family, play video games (such as Halo, Minecraft, or Dragon Age), play trumpet, draw wolves, listen to music, and of course animate. These are only a few of my many hobbies~

If there's one that tops them all, though, it's definitely MUSIC. I would be emotionally dead without it, I swear. <3 Music is my passion! I love to play my guitars, trumpet, piano, drums, any instrument I can get my hands on. I listen to just about anything and everything, with the exception of screamo and rap. Hard rock, dubstep, and gospel/worship are my favorite genres. Some of my favorite bands are Three Days Grace, Skillet, Skrillex (yes I know he's technically just one person..), Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin, Hillsong United, Disturbed, Newsong, Linkin Park, and Sick Puppies.

If there's definitely one thing you should know about me, it's this:


So don't be surprised if you see a Jesus flipnote or two. He is my personal Lord and Savior and I will forever declare His mighty name wherever I go. Why? A. Because I can, and B. Because it's my mission as a faithful Christian and follower of Christ. <3

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my flipnotes~


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I be in the next Hatena Wolves?

Contact Sawdust K9. She is your new official Ambassador for the Hatena Wolves.

Can I use Peace in one of my Flipnotes?

Sure, as long as you give credit.

What song/artist is playing in this Flipnote?

I usually post the artist and the song name in the description if not the flipnote itself, so check there.

Can we be friends?

Of course we can. =)

Will you unlock this flipnote?

Most of the time, no. I like to keep my work safe from stealers.

Will you look at my Flipnotes?


Does 106.5 Wolf Trax (PeaceWolf Radio) take requests?

We sure do!

Will you do a collaboration with me?

I only do collaborations with close friends.


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