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 Hi Penguin-C here well yeah...

I'm 13 and um... yeah .____________.

I consider myself a Junkeez or a Gizmoid...

Stuff about me:

My B-day is June 23.I love to make spin-offs because I'm to lazy to do audio and stuff.I like a whole bunch of music (so does everyone else) I listen to Deadmau5 and The Black eyed Peas also LinkinPark those are the top 3 i listen to.

My fave games are Pokemon(can't wait for pokemon Black and White) i hate reading books without pictures so i read comic book thingys like Sgt Frog,Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Reborn,Boo Mangas by Dc :3 I draw better on paper trust me!

I'm a fan of Mario Kart Wii My skill level is over 9000! Heres My Friend Code:1247-3340-9435. I would try to vs. u people of Flipnote Land

soon so plz give me ur friend code and if i do Vs. u I'll post who i vs. and if i won or they did.

For now on I'm going to use this for mai updates.Update 12/9

I'm thinking to make a new name because PenguinCheif is to bleh so plz comment on a new name whoever wins gets 1 green star (sorry for the lame prize i running low on colored stars)