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I am Jayden, part cat, part human, part dragon, part snake, part raptor and part robot, with alittle fire in there somewhere, But you can call be me J~pow. Im OBSESSED with Transformers, warriors and My little Pony Friendship is magic. All my friends know that I am ALWAYS Bored. Thx to Middy for teachin meh bad spellin. Blitzwing vwill keel joo all vwiz his smexy german accent! Blitzwing FOREVER!

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Youtube: FlipnotePsychoKat:

Twitter: JJKitteh

Deviantart: PsychoKat1

My Friends: Imfamous, PhantomXX, Midnight, Ceciella, DarkGlace, UmbreonSam, Jessica, Jasurak, Roxie, WildEskimo, Zero-Ice, Rubix, WTEbony, kizukikaze, Cloclo, ShinyWolf, Liquaza, Ink7, Wolfie, DarkLove, Heydra, PebbleStar, Happyface, T-rex, John14, and Star

Best rank: 439

Likes: Cats, Transformers, cyborgs, ponies, Nice ppl, Friends, dramatic roleplays, Dogs, Lizards, Sunny days, Fish (Especially deep fried with french fries), milk and meat!

Dislikes: N00bs, Girly stuff, Clothes shopping, fighting out of roleplay and SPIDERS(My greatest fear)


Media Character: Blitzwing From TFanimated

Show(s): TFprime, TFarmada, TFanimated, Happy Tree Friends, Robot Chicken, South Park, Family Guy

Song: Demolition by District 78

Movie: Transformers 3

Animal: Cat cyborgs

Food: Chocolate

Quote: By Ratchet and Bulkhead of TFprime: "Bulkhead I-!" "What?! You needed that?!"