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Hello! welcome to my page not much to update here,but If there is somein that I wanna say It will be a flipnote and might be on this page...

I would like to say a masive thanks to all 34 of my fans, and all of my surpoters/freinds...Ive resantly noticed im reisiving stars from quite litteraly all over our region!

and japan!


Pluss_ Ive now achived my SILVER Citezenship, so thanks to those who had faith in me so I could carry on!

now for some bad news, Ive got a hater, but it aint bring me down coz its fun to pi$$ her off >:3 name of imiture hater: Flowergirl (id:flowergirl1999)

to be honest, she can hate me all she likes, i'll just hate her back twice as much, makeing her have a hater, (the way she acts Im pretty sure she has plenty)

Picto-Girl peacing out

(does impretion of Toby) oh!


watch this video! (I put some la la las in there!)