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Hey, My Name Is Abigail x

Im friends with Howaito and Evie:UD in real life x

I love pokemon x

I love the colour pink x

I like anime and Manga x

I love Pikachu's x

Character info on my main character Abigail X :

Name: Abigail X

Age: 13 (ish)

Power(s): Pyrokenisis, Flight and

Type of animal:Dog

Colour: White with black tips

Personality: Smart, Funny and strong. Shes good at swimming and

flying and is rubbish at running so uses her pyrokenisis to help

^^, She gets hyper a lot and is a little violent when she gets

angry, Otherwise she is normally happy :D ~I shouldn't forget Lazy

and a little clumsy at times xD~ (not based on me at all )

Clothing: White long shirt,belt,skirt,boots,magical necklace ^^, gloves.....

Likes: Swimming, Hanging with friends and her languages :P (based a little on me)

Dislikes: Sonic, bugs (mainly flying ones xD), etc. (again based on me ^^" )

Job: Working at her restraunt :D

Family :

(my characters in her family)


(other peoples charcters or actual sonic characters)



Evie,Evan,Shade,Harmony (WTF BACON EVIE XD)....

My characters: (most are sonic but some are not)

Abigail X

Raven (Abigail x's BF) the dog

Iliza (Abigail X's Twin sister)

Eliza (Iliza's evil clone from scourges world)

Bolt the cat

Mica the fox

Cyota the cyotie ^^"

Luki and Suki the twin rabbits

Cloud the hedghog (abigailX's grandchild)

Sky the hedghog (abigailX's grandchild)

Yuki the Dog (Abigails daughter in the future)

Jet the echidog (echidna/dog) (ravens brother)

Ace the cat

Nazo the hedghog

Sakura the exorcist (manga)

Smiley the pika

Siel the chao (Nazo's Chao)

Abii the chao

There is some more manga ones but i haven't had a name for them yet ^^"

My profile pic atm is my manga character Sakura, She is an exorcist and looks a little creepy :D:D She takes a while to draw though lol

Oh and i might change there names or get rid of some of them :3

I love Dogs x hence the dog sonic characters xD Woop

And most of all, I LOVE CHEESE X

Please could you add me if you like my series or if your in it X

Im also on haiku x

Add Howaito and Evie:UD they are amazing drawers and there series are amazing x Please add stars to them (and maybe mine :3)

Epic :3

And my series has started and im redrawing it , sorry ep 2 is taking a while to be rereleased ^^" and i might starts a chibi series soon too :3 make sure to watch them x Peace X