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      • ██--- page

█████ if you're

      • ██--- not embarrassed
      • ██--- to tell
      • ██--- others that
      • ██--- you're a Christian

Welcome to my page




Birthday-March 2

Grade-6 1/2 (not officially 7 until August)



Fav Bible Verse-"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13


Sparky(me)-Chaoceon-Day-Night-Flop-Peaches(my sis)-Elfanzo-Swift-Zevon-Chibisuke


id: piellama

id: PhoenixJamesWolf

id: clawslasher

id: ShinyUmbre

id: Kiba_Wolf_Fang

id: Adoom9

id: animewolf99

id: claudiegd

id: onepiecefan

id: haveacactusrake

id: DashaDolphin

id: ShinyEevee5

id: stega

id: Nat-The-Awesome

id: omni1231

I can read words with messed up spelling as long as the first and last letters are in the same place. Whoop dee do

Oh how I love auto correct :)

Why I joined hatena:

While surfing the Youtube, I found that "Witch Doctor" song. Somewhere in the related videos section was ShinyEevee. For a few days I was watching her videos. Than I tried to copy (yes, I said copy. This was before I discovered Hatena) her flip on my Dsi (it was Darkness, or something like that by nightcore). Well XD, it turned out horrible, but then I thought it was great. Then I found the little green button (around the time Epic posted the "Barty used Fly" flip, which was the first online flip I saw) and eventually joined hatena. So thank you ShinyEevee, where ever you are...