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Ive posted the new MoonBlood EverLasting ChatRoom. We cleaned the slate, so to speak. So,if you were in the old MB and would like to secure a postion in the new pack. Come and chat. *Bow* Farewell.

Hur,hur,thank you for reading this. Have an epic day.-PolarGrizz47


All my OCs/Characters:(some dont have full names yet)



Demon Lupin Vincent(Polars Demon)

Baird Ray Vincent(Demons older brother,lover of Toxin)

Toxin Raid Vincent(Adopted brother,lover of Baird)

Azal Xion(Polars protection+Friend)

Akio (Polars true Shadow)





Red Rider

Flips and Trips

Smilez and Mannie


Shade(Polars Shadow Fragment)

Walter Royal(Bad guy,Vampier)

Tyler+Jason(Hellhound brothers)

Richard Cross

Ichiro Harving(Like a brother to Richard)

Chink Harving(Ichiros uncle)

Black+White(sisters,want to ki// and eat Polar and Demons souls)

Cryton(Currently the key of Azal)

Causaway(Previouse key of Azal)

WARNING: All my OC's are owned by ME. DO NOT use without my permission.

MoonBlood posistions and members


Female Alpha: PolarGrizz

Beta: (NONE)

Male Alpha:(NONE)

Warrior: (None)

Alchemist: (None)

Hunter: (None)

Mage: (none)

Shaman: (None)

Elder: (None)

Scout: (None)

Guardian: (None)

Omega: (none)

Pack Member:(None)

Assessment: (None)

Demons: Demon.

MoonBlood was origanaly started by Fuyu and Me.It was started because of an anime idea for when we get older(Which will now probaly NEVER happen. Heh)...It was not started to Fight OD! Duh.

Me info!


Name: PolarGrizz47

Species: "Hellwolf of Shame and Shadows". Viris computar program #1.

Experimental Facility: HybrID.

ID#: 47

Weapons: Praticly anything,But manily uses my,Colt 1911 .45 ACP, Blaser 93 Tactical, Eletric Whip with metal tip, And many others(All my OCs have thier own weapons)

Hunted by: HybrID, L.E.A.F., Trica Gang


Gender: Female.

Age: 14

Date of Birth: April 11th, 1997

Country: USA

State: Montana

Status: Alive but Dead inside...

Affliation: MoonBlood

Likes: Rain, Darkness, Hate, Flying, K!lling Random things for food or ect., Wolves, family, friends, MoonBlood, Fighting and bloodshed+gore, Candy+Cakes, Art, Anime/Manga.(list not in order)

Loves: Wolves and art.

Dislikes: Wolf Kil/ing,Drugs,Bad people.Little Childern, Preps.

Rivals: None at the moment. *cough*



Food: Chicken Tenders and ranch. YUM.

Animal: Wolves

Band: Three Days Grace

Song: Take me Under/The Good Life/Just a kiss/Falling inside the black

Game: Gears of War, Halos

Soda: Dr.Pepper

Candy: Rolo/Jolly Ranchers

Movie: Dog Soilders

Book: Return of the Wolf

Anime: Pandora Hearts, Durarara, Tiger and Bunny...ect.

Holiday: Easter, Halloween/Christmas

deviant art account:PolarGrizz47

I dont do a whole bunch on DA,I tend not to show ppl around the world my art...lolz.So you guys probaly wont be seenin my Manga's or other art that is not on Hatena. Hehehe >:D