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Hey there!! I'm SnowChan, but you can call me Snow. I love to draw anime/manga, write stories and watch anime, dur dur dur!! My age... is classified (xD My life file is part of the X-Files, I guess) I absolutely hate Hatena-Dating and even online dating in general. Although I seem to be a meanie at first impression, I'm honestly really shy. My goals are as followed:

Yep, I want to eat Ootoro... maybe I should have put that as my first goal... Ah, gomenasai! I'm rambling on and on and I'm probably annoying you to no end!! And there I go again. Anyways, I hate thunderstorms... and Derederes. They scare me. One thing, HENTAI GIRLS GOT NUTHIN ON JOO AKI!! xD xD xDn I'm a tsundere, Pinoy, Japanese, American (Meh.) and Mexican. I only know a little of Japanese and Tagalog though, sorry. Well, that's all for now! Buh bye, viewer!