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//////The Vantage Team //////




















Currently there are six users on this account, and our creator rooms switch between being dominant (the creators room that shows up on computer or dsi browser)

because of this we may appear to be somebody else if we are commenting on cpu so be sure to see the end of the comment to know who it is. Porter will end his comments with "-P" , Aqua and light will probably do something similiar like "-A" and "-L" . Thats all from Team Vantage :D (Porter usually comments on dsi anyways) FILLLLLLLLEEEEEERRRR

Hello my wonderful fans i am the amazing Porter with my side kick Aqua and Light down below! XD Trolololol i kid they are both awesome and are not my sidekicks xD okay...

I am the creator of the series Lightless and Deception, and im a pretty slow flip maker since i focus on school and video games more lol, but unlike my sidekick i CAN get over 720 pages on an episode, even with my crazy bg's :Dt but anyways my goals on here is to finish my series and make some good character fights. I only made 2 incomplete fights yet im looked as like a pro? Yes, very odd. But i appreciate it. Well since i moved out of my popular account my goal is to reach goals that i have already accomplished? Sounds like something Fun! My first goal would be to try to get all those fans back, then reach one million stars, even tho my last account had 2, still, ONE MILLION. Try and count that high. That is pretty much my personal bio on hatena. Be sure to check out Aqua down below, or you will miss out on a great series. JUST DO IT. (nike reference?NO.)

Lightless - lightless is the story of the main protagonist Kane, a personal infiltrator of the story's antagonist "Razor" , Razor took kane in his hospitality as a friend of his brother Terro, because Terro went missing when Kane was young. Terro was the one who raised and trained Kane to be the person he is today.

//Plot - Kane turns against Razor because of a harsh truth he discovers, and plans to stop his corrupted plans for major cities. Aero (Kane's young uncle) finds kane in a desert after fighting razor, and wishes to help kane and re-unite him with his brother that was missing for years. As the story continues, Kane and Aero learn more about each others role in this situation and this new un-explained powers Razor has from a virus called DRKNS. Because of this virus, many die from its fatality rate or they benefit from it's tempting power, that corrupts its user. As kane tries to stop DRKNS from kil.ling others he also has to fight the darkness in himself from the virus.

//Setting- Lightless takes place on multiple islands, mainly on the biggest island, Crescent.

Crescent is an enormous island with a city located by the water. The story's main events take place in the city and surrounding desert islands. Most gun battles are inside buildings while most dark power fighting occurs outside, or on roof tops. The series takes place in the time 2012 in a modern open world.

D3CEPTION- Deception is focused on the main Protagonist Stephen Rafolio , Stephen is one of many descendants of Deceptionists, people born with a gift to be able to decept or distort elements around them. Not every element can be controlled, each deceptionist is born with there own preference of element (their deception). Each deceptionist also has the ability to have gravity-like powers, which is generally viewed as a useless power by most deceptionists, so they are not too good at using it.

//Plot - Stephen Rafolio is a metal deceptionist, who lives with his father Celio Rafolio. They both practice their power peacefully, and with other deceptionists also. A futuristic government called Vesstan suddenly forms around the world, Vesstan plans to find all Deceptionists and experiment on them, make them stronger , and use them to ki.ll all other deceptionists. As the Vesstan government takes over more territory and moves closer to the mountianious desert land called Desmonet, home land of the Rafolios.

Hello anybody taking their time to read this somewhat useless information! HydraKaya is going pretty good so far, and I had to make a LOT of plot changes to fit Flipnote Studio! It was originally supposed to have voice acting, but I decided against it... Hate my voice! XD Anyway, some of my biggest inspirations are series creators, SFers and character creators. HK is planned for 8 seasons, with 20 or so episodes a season. Well, it'll be done eventually... I'm trying to make 5 episodes a month...

And I feel this may get confusing later in HK. The geography. Here's a geographical sense on kingdoms and continents. :)

North America- Hydrakiah

South America- Lavkiah

Africa- Rokonia

Australia- IDK yet... xD

Europe- Rokoniah Secondary

Asia- Zephraeniah

Antarctica- Unclaimed Territory (Duh. xD)

Season 3- The Spirit's Keeper

Not sidekick? That's what I THOUGHT you said, Port. (puts mallet down) lolz

Also, it's nice to set records and goalssss! Lol

~Personal Records and Goals~

Longest HK episode was 13, being 600 pages

Best creator ranking was 537 (370 on new)

Second best was 791

Coolest creator ranking was 7777! xD

Most popular HK was episode 11

Most popular HK Aquasoul was episode 1


Posted 50+ flipperz

Earned 10000+ stars

Earned Red star

~Randommm factzzz lol~


My username 'Acquaria' is a combination of the Italian words 'acqua' (water) and 'aria' (air) squished into one word. xD (water is my favourite element and air is second lol)

I am into into foreign language and culture lol.

I enjoy older music.

I'm Italian and proud of it. xD

My age is 20. -5. (15 lol).

I enjoy drawing in my own style, yet I also want to draw realistically as well.

I like writing storiessss (which is why I have a series) xD

Im a fisherrr...woman. fisherwoman. Fisherwoman...? xD whatevurrrrr lol

1st name: Bob. JK! You'll never know! (actually, it's on my pokemon FC flips)

I like people with a sense of humour. (Even if its d3mented) xD

I don't hate anybody. eUe (but there is the occasional bish I "highly dislike") xD

Uhm... don't touch your eyes after handling jalapenos.



Eh, I can't think of any more to say... :/

Deviantart- Aquaeroreo

And one thing I hate: The new Hatena. ESPECIALLY the new MP. Bloooop.... the flips NOT on MP need a "I LIKE this flipnote" button so the deserving flips will make it thereee.

Oh, and I hate balloons... My friends think thats weird. They're SCAAAAARY! :/

(BTW, I am the awkward girl of Team Vantage. YES IMMA GALLL t(>:U)t Don't forgettt lol)

Lights the name speed is my game....yeah...I'm the famous Light! Why em I famous? Because I say so, imma do mech angel (still???) And forgotten here too, weekly topic, get ready to be owned.

Fun facts~I hate the color white, I love being indoors, I'm loved by numerous amounts of ppl, I have no rivals....your welcome to be my rival <3 what....oh...yeah! Editing this.....so I'm 16 years old.....and love to draw! Favorite creator would be porter...? Why? Honestly first creator I saw on hatena, funny story...he held an aprentice contest a looong time ago....I was rejected badly and called a noob by others XD look at me now?! I animate faster than masashi kishimoto, I love anime, anything good really, also love dubstep and screamo music. And I'm the creepy/good looking of the group ;)

In the need of a perspective.....you cannot be a fool, if a fool admits its mistake.

Hmmmm....what else to say......I'm lazy.........ok that's about..it.....oh! Also i ll be back next summer....why? School, I has a scholarship to one of us very best animations schools and you bet ill do my best, ill drop by every once in a while ;D I claim aqcua and Kage as family, porter....more like the boss....nah.....

The end....

Guten tag ladies and gentlemen or what ever you are.I am the FAMOUS OBI WAN KENOBI!!t>:Dt Some people must have seen me in action in those Star Wars movies and shows.XD Most of you know my servants.....I mean friends Aqua,porter,light, and the other Vantage members.XD Most of you know me as Xtreme, but I'm on this account now.I'm on this website because animaing is FUN( to me at least)!Have a series called Ultimate Fighters, its doing good so far.It has 4 seasons so it might end in 2013 probably on Memo, if not Hatena IDK yet.O3o So yeah.CYA LATER!

ps-I have a lightsaver so don't mess with me!XD

(Message from Acqua... its light 'saber', OBI. Lol, yeshh, I went there. eue)