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Call me E-chan ^^!?

Maaan, I hope Flipnote Memo comes out soon

And I hope some of you guys use it too! :D

Wouldn't be the same without you <3

I'm 12, and my birthday is on the 1st of January~




☆★??Nagi Mori

☆★??Mika Mori

☆★??Sakura Mori

☆★??Emi Mori

☆★??Rena Mori

☆★♪?White TH?♪★☆

☆★?Candy TH

☆★?Milo TH

☆★?Angel TH

☆★?Matt TH

☆★Avira TH

Nobody will probably see this

but my little brother found out

I had his DSi and raged xD

So I can't post anything atm o3o

Requests will have to wait until..

I ever manage to get his DSi

again xD

If I ever can o.o

Umm, if not..

I'll do them on dA


Random song*

I want to say so many things! None of them are good, half of them are true!


But when you're there weighing all your feelins; nothing comes out but 'I love you'!


There's not been a happy end so far

We fall apart

Go back to the start

Just shows the common trend in our hearts

We're not meant to be

You and me...