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My name is Ricky, I am thirteen years old, I have an epic scar across my eyebrow, and I really like to write! I was RICKYBOBBY, but then I changed my name. I might change it a lot. Join me, and we will take over the world! Just kidding! But seriously, thank you for the eighteen fans and 4,000+ stars! Thanks for all your support!

I'm writing my series "Trapped With A Murderer"! Check it out! I'll make new ones each week!

Some info:

Name: Well, my old username is RICKYBOBBY. My current username is The Ricky. And, my ID is RICKSTER. So, obviously my name is Sam (JK it's Ricky).

Gender: I'm a dude.

Age: 13

Religion: Catholic (Christian)

Sports: Basketball. I used to play Football. I ran track this year. I would like to play lacrosse next year.

Food: Almost anything with meat in it!

Music: All kinds of rock and alternative.

Bands: Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Nirvana, 311, Sublime, Foster The People

Power Level: OVER 9,000!!!!!

Favorite Memes: Me Gusta Face, Okay Guy,You Don't Say, and the Ancient Aliens Guy

Favorite Animal: Monkey

Status: Forever Alone :'(

Favorite Video Games: Minecraft, Guitar Hero, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Games, Pokemon has a special place in my heart (I used to love it), I love old platformers like Kirby, Mario, Sonic, etc.

Favorite Books: "The Shining", "A Series of Unfortunate Events" series, and "The Silverwing Trilogy"

My best friends on Flipnote Hatena are:


Viper 2.0



Bomber C4

Leaf Blade

Ace (Who also changes his name a lot.)

Short Comic Ink. (Henry)

Exo Flare


I'm on GoAnimate too! Check me out if you want to see some really dumb videos! My name is Ricky Ticki Tov!

I also go on Haiku sometimes! Obviously, my user name there is The Ricky as well! Check me out!

Yeah. I got nothing else.






































Hahaha! It's Sonic! I got this from The Blairs! This is his not mine!



























le troll face

I got this from Hunter.