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Hai...Who Are You`z Eny Wayz Ill Callz You Daddy Why daddy Eny Way Ok... I better Shut Up Start From The *beginning* The Beginning Is pippsy... I like That word >:) I sayz It all The Timez Untill I run Out Of Breath Are Something.Welcomez I did 1 Sentence Are You Happyz...No One claps...Ok You are gettingz Boring Like my Mummy She Iz Boringz(not reallyz) Oh I ForGot to Tellz You I amz (cheze deleted) i dont Know Why I am But Something Is kinder Wrongz With me have youz Noticed Somethingz About My Writtenz....Ill Tell you I allwayz say Z At endz Of words Like This Sometimes sometimez See It I said Do youz Seez Itz ok Im getting board just typeing Away wene I could Playz Football Are Play Kissy cachy LOLz Dont Wisten To Thatz Oh yea I forgot To Show You People This whach this Little Wittle I sayz Wittle Insted Of Little And I say wisten Insted Of listen LOLZ eny way Why did I Say Listen wene You Are readingz Eny Way This Might be About Two Pages... Byez.I Like *Rose* and Scarlett-* they Is Kewl.


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Thatz allz.