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Heyguyz its Darkshadow here giving u my weekly update.Right now im going to tell u the projects im working on.

1)Knuc.Vol4 8% done ive got about 20-30 sprites down on him im going to do a lot of work on him so im guessing it will be done in about 2-4or5 weeks,yeah thats how long and good its gona be so get ready

2)Cole Vol1 0% done well im still waiting for responses i need at least 10responses

3)tails Vol2 ill maybe do these if u want me too,if u all say yes ill do it BUT after i do the knuckles

4)Emerl Vol1 0% done um i said id help cefm but i think i could do it

5)F.t.a. 0% well this wont be started till probably summer starts