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hello i'm redraven a starting artist!

i'm a 12 year old girl. my birhday is on October the 19th 1998.(I'm a libra)

I can speak french and spanish a little bit(still learning japenese)

My favorite artists are:

toi8:http: //

redjuice:http: //




LOLZ don't know his/her name,look it up later:

Zouazarasi(i think):

My favorite t.v shows: courage the cowardly dog, Cake Boss, untamed and uncut, Golden girls, Judge joe brown, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, MADE, The office ,Kings of queens, and True life. ( LOLZ i feel so old)

My favorite movies: Spirited away, Beetlejuice,and Coraline.

My favorite bands are Paramore and Say anything

my favorite colors: Green, Dark red, Blue, mainly dark colors

my favorite games : animal crossing, harvest moon, Professor layton series,and Phoenix wright series.

what are you supposed to put here ????????????????? BLEEP BLOP BLOOP

i'll write more later.....