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I'm sorry... but I've quit. I'm not coming back this time. This is goodbye forever Hatena.....

Yo. owo^ Flints the name, arts the game. XD

Im actualy working on several 'series', but theyre all book or manga series... im concidering making a series on hatena once i get a new dsi.

"X3 did i ever mention my dsi is verry broken? i cant get it to work properly 80% of the time..

my fourteenth Birthdays coming up soon! Owo August fifth to be precise.

Im currently trying to start a clan/tribe... hopefully i could have MoonGaze's HallowClan as a border...

Stat time O3o


age: 13, almost 14 moons

Gender: female

Clan/tribe: none

rank: loner

mate: none, and she isnt looking

kits: nope

fav/theme song: "I'm with you" -Avirl Laving


age: 20 moons

gender: male

Clan: Hallowclan

Rank: medicine cat

mate: none, but has a crush on Hallowstar. ewe

kits: none. o3o

fav/theme song: undetermined

working on getting a laptop for my b-day and a DsiXL with my bday cash....

if i get an XL, i might do requests

SOMEONE PLLLEEEAAASSSSEEEteach me how to animate! i cant do it, and i have some amvs i want to make.

need to contact me?

heres the details!

email: Heartless.The.Cat@Gmail.com

TextPlus #: (318)935-3707

DA: Furinto-Chi

i think thats all.. ill update this as needed. "X3


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