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Heya minna-san~ I'm starting to catch on how this all works~ Hope we can all get along~ and here's a short summary about meh..

Name: ..... =w=; Josy for short..

Age: ):U 14

School: Highschool

What I like: Music, drawing, karaoke, art, animals, food, deserts, books, mangas, anime, writing, friends, dancing tho I suck, sports, video games, facebook, and much much more~

What I don't like: bullies, projects, when people ask the same q over and over again, thunder and lightning, huge textbooks, bugs, and other things..

Status: Taken ;u;

Favorite season: Winter~

Favorite song: (currently) Hello, Worker, Calc. , Pedal Heart, Stereo Hearts, Back in time, Where have you been, You da one, One thing, Can't nobody, and many more -3-

Favorite dessert: pudding and flan

Favorite soda: Dr. Pepper

Favorite candy: Sour Patch

Favorite animal: many kids but cats, dogs, orcas, bunnies, elephants and giraffes

Favorite anime: (currently) High School of the dead and Squid Girl

Favorite vocaloid: Miku

Favorite anime character: Squid Girl

Favorite color: Ocean blue

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite store: Microsoft Store/Apple Store

Favorite shoes: Vans

Favorite fast food place: In N Out