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Rollin' to Your Computer Screen!

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Rolly Polly

Rollin' to Your Computer Screen!

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What's up? My Original Character is Rolly Polly. I like video games, Flipnote Hatena, A Fat Bird's Life series, Super Mario Bros., memes, computers, cameras, making flipnotes, and more technology! I have 2 Wiis, a PSP, Dsi, DS, Gamecube in both Wiis, Xbox, Xbox360, Playstation 2, Gameboys, iPod Nano, and a new Flipnote Hatena account! @wesomenezz first drew Rolly Polly for me and then I started using the look in my flipnotes. My favorite people on Hatena are Lydsmile and @wesomenezz! I have two series: Lone Wolf and Rolly Polly's Adventures(which ended already). Lone Wolf is about wolves with different powers, trying to defeat Shadow, the evil wolf who needs to get the Stone of Power to make the other wolves slaves.

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Rolly Polly


Making Flipnotes! Duh!

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Beating video games