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My B-day is at sep 17

I love ADVENTURE TIME go fin and marcelin.

My fav vocal is Luka megurine.

I take request mostly all the time.

I'm mostly depressed.

I love cheese,chocolate and of course CANDY!!!!!

Get lazy with stuff.

I love my freinds they are so nice to me.

My best freind on hatena is Randy (liz).I think hatena is a nice place to be besides the haters I don't have one yet.

Oh and Guess what! I have a DA yah havn't posted yet but will bE!My name is Neko10↓

"Life's is not what you expect"

「When your alone you feel like theres something missing how far does it seem.I cry,and cry and cry but whats the point there just tears things don't last forever,does it?

Did this made any sense?」

Short poem or story by Nayori※~.

Sing,dance laugh enjoy what you have instead of wanting more and more.→I also love emo hair styles IDK why but it looks really nice, I mostly forget to post stuff tht people gives me so forgive me.I change the subject alot XD

K-pop,J-pop,Bigbang love those bands U guys will fall in love once u hear there musics.♪

Music is life! I'm too lazy to record music on my ds I've been on hatena for 1 year seeing peoples flips reading stories and saw how it changed over time oh well, and now I'm joining