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Was a *TUSCAN MEMBER* until Nathan G quit.

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My styles of animating on Hatena are stick fights and spriting (making and animating sprites). I also make other random flips every once in a while though.

My favorite creators on Hatena are:

Nathan G. (quit). He's probably the best pen 3 stick fight animator on hatena!!! I've studied so much of his work! Was my main inspiration until he quit...

Glu. AMAZING pen 3 and pen 2 stick fight animator. His pen 3 style probably has the tiniest stickfigures on hatena. He also does great sprite work.

Ironninja (quit). A very good stick fight animator and was an AWESOME friend. But he has now quit...

Hero. Almost as good as Nathan G. He is SO good but rarely posts 0^0 .

Amadeus. I have used his style quite a few times and I think it's probably the easiest style to use and it looks good! I have been VERY inspired by him, and have studied tons of his work, and have made a few flips entirely inspired by him! We've chatted a few times, and he's a good friend too.

HydroRush. He's been my best hatena friend, ever since almost a year ago! he's really helpful and an AWESOME sprite animator.

Feliperzzz. His stick fight series, INVASION, is probably my favorite stick fight series on hatena. He is so awesome! He is epicneZZZ

TadPol. He's a GREAT creator. He's SOOO creative! He does animated series, comic series, and stickfights.

Mish. He is a full-out stickfight animator, and makes AMAZING stickfights! I admire his unique style! No1 else on hatena has a similar style to him! He's an AWESOME friend, too! Win Win.

Hi5Bye. My very fave pen 2 stickfight animator! He rocks!!! He's also a good friend, we haven't chatted often though. Keep it up, Hi5!

My best friends on hatena are:


Ironninja (quit)






Smiles (quit)





More to come!!! If u want to chat with me, I go to Destiny chat sometimes, so look there or something idk! Hope to see u guys on memo!


TUSCAN: I am a member of Tuscan, A stick fight clan created by Nathan G. for the BEST of the BEST stick fight animators. Update: NG quit, so no Tuscan.

A+: I am a member of A+, an ELITE stick fight clan created by the most-known stickfight creator, BosS. (except Altair is running it for now).

Taikentou: I am a memeber of Taikentou, a clan created by Apex.