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Hey I'm RubyRin~I'm usually called Ruby, Rin or Kenni(rl name). I'm 14 years old. A girl if you couldn't tell XD and I've been on hatena since August 21, 2009 so I've been on for more than a year~My birthday is July 19.

I love anime~My favorites currently are Hetalia, Black Butler, Pita Ten and Higurashi. I love to rp though I prefer text rps which I do alot on AIM XD But I'll glady do an rp here if I'm asked~

I also love Let's Plays >w< If you don't know what that is it's pretty much someone playing a game then commentating over it. NintendoCapriSun, Chuggaaconroy, JoshJespon, ProtonJon, RunawayGuys are my favs(RunawayGuys=NCS Chugga and Jon XD they're hilarious together XD)and are pretty well known.

I have a bunch of OC's XD most paired with Sakura's or will be XD

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