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Updated: 16. 06. 2012

Hello everyone!

I'm just a regular person, who likes to make flpnotes :)

I'm from Slovenia. If you are too, comment :)

I sold my XL, so I'm not able to make flips and add (many) stars anymore. I bought the 3DS but it doesn't have flipnote Hatena (yet). When it will, I'll let you all know, and I'll start over with the 3DS.

But, i started over now, on my old dsi...

I made a few flips and i'll proboably continue on the dsi :)

Also, if you have a 3DS, let me know your code. Here's mine:


Games i have for it:

P.s. I don't make much flips anymore cause i'm realy busy with school and when i have a little bit of free time i'm mostly just playing xbox.




~Scre* this; I don't make flips anymore, only check comments every now and then... so which means, i basicaly quit :P