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Well hiya tharr! My name's Suta. I am twelve. =3= I like cake, well, not carrot cake. I am a masochist. Yes, I like being poked with needles and punched in the face and electricuted. I am nocturnal! :) I'm graduating next year. I hae about nine awards in that field... *1 I'm 6.4' and approximetely 155.3 pounds. =A= /shot)) I roleplay on Facebook, so I'm not on here much. are my accounts on Facebook. My Orig. one is =3= So yeh. I overthink things alot, so if you're rude, I will haunt you. I mean it. I also have anger issues, like if you God-Mod me or cheat in RP. Well, only Queon can God-Mod me. xD If ya' don't know what it is, search it up. I also get depwwwessssed easily, so be nice? TTwTT Thanks! That's about it. Bye! BTW, I'm 15% mentally damaged, but you probably wont be able to tell. xP

*1:Personally ask me, cause alot lol.