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Alrighty then! My name is EarthBound, yes yes, that is I...I am I...kukuku...ANYWAY! XD I love anything Nintendo especially Mario, Zelda, and MOTHER/EarthBound, as well as other games from Capcom (Megaman), Square Enix (Kingdom Hearts), Ubisoft (Rayman), NamcoBandai (Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug), Hudson (Bomberman), and yeah...XD I love lasagna...mmm my favorite food. ALSO! I LOVE MY FLEESY, SHE IS THE BESTEST EVER AND MY LIFE!<3 X3 Yay.

I will start off with this, okay, so I have been extrememly innactive with flipnotes, and well, I still will work on flipnotes...but slowly. I basically will post Flips just for fun of it, or for Fleesy. I don't mind not getting stars or fans, I just want comments XD. As a matter a fact, I am working on some XD. Well that's it for here :3

If I am totally random, that means I am comfortable XD...Yaoi YUSS! :U

I currently have no Flipnote Goals anymore.

Ah well let's see, I will begin listing my characters here to keep track of them

Earth Bound

Ace Bound

Flint Bound

Geo Bound

Felix Bound

Danny Bound

Earth Bound Fox

(XD yes, they are all family)

Steve Norton

Hiroshi Itoi





Young Earth


Future Earth



Dark Earth


Baby Flint


Classic Earth





Sir Saturn



Given by Fleesy (Dave, Drake, Shyoru)

But My 4 Main Characters are Earth, Earth Fox, Ace, and Abusive.

(That's all so far, unless I forgot someone)

Now For Friends...ok most of my friends are in my faves, so... and there is some I haven't faved yet, so I will leave this blank for now

If you want my Friend Code on Wii or 3DS or DS, ask me ^^

I got Mario Kart DS, Pokemon Black, Platinum, Black 2, SoulSilver, Mario Kart Wii, Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Tennis Open, Mario Kart 7, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and some others

Now for some accounts

Youtube: EarthBoundHatena

DeviantART: EarthBoundMOTHER2

Facebook: if you want the personal one, ask me, otherwise friend request my not personal one which is Ace Bound

Twitter: EarthBound2

I have a Tumblr, but I forgot it

And if there are any other sites, ask me

Well that is about it (for now), YOU GOT PK FIRED! PIKAMEEP

I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids, and that dog! Dog? me? no I am a fox

You've met with a terrible fate haven't you?...No, no I haven't YET!

What? you saying I am not a male man? I am not a male or a man huh?! Naw! I am both a male and a female :U

Do your Homework! b-but I am hungry! ;A;

But...But I can't, I-I'm not gonna have a baby! mmmm...Luigi, you are a boy! XD


What the heck am I writing now XD