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I'm known as Sam, so please call me that if you feel like doing so. I gain my inspiration by reading books or listening to music. As you might tell I listen to Vocaloid.

I have a series that I'll be starting on soon its called Summers Animal Mayhem Im still deciding on the plot, I have the main characters down and I have all the ideas i need for it.

Also see stories from me at just search up Samas0789

Same for DeviantART.

As I'm typing this, it is Summer, So I'll be working on flipnotes more so often. I will be going into High school after this summer, (the day exactly before my birthday )': ) so I won't post as often. My current goal for this year is to at least get 15, or 20 fans, so I'll try my hardest.

Flipnote plans- Whatever I can get done.