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I'm just a funny scene girl from Kansas. I guess you could say friends>family to me, but that's only sometimes. I love to listen to music and my favorite band is Green Day....but I love a hole bunch more than just them:).My YouTube channel is SceneGirlRebellion, but I don't have any videos up yet, I will soon though. Promise :). My Skype is robbi.saurus.lewis :P Add Me:). I love smiley faces and all of my friends, even when we fight. I'd do anything for them, and they usually come to me for advice(you're welcome to, too) If you make me mad enough I will become......well lets just say it won't be pretty, but I'm usually pretty good at controlling my temper. Other than that, I'm a personable, loving, girl who wants to be friends with you all :)ily <3 lol laterzz ///_^

    • Robbi Saurus*<3 :)