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Don't Think I'm gone. I wouldn't just leave. I'm thinking about things more important than flipnote. So tell your friends that Scribbler has not run away


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Justin Manduca

Hello Scribbl£r™ Fan! Im Scribbl£r™! I started drawing when I was only 6, making comics for classmates, and now look where Ive come? 30,000 fans that love to see what kind of creations I have in Store! Knowing One Of You physicaly laughed...makes my day brighter! Every single one of you have something special, even if drawing isnt your "number 1", you've got somethin may just take awhile to find

"Never Give Up On Whats Good"

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Thats What I live off of. Glad You came to learn alittle more about me! Hope You Enjoy My flips!


1: "Get A Guy"

2: "Mail" Series

3: "filLy Returns!" flipbooks

4: "Moral" series

5: "Pickle Pictures" series

6: "PrankCall Series

This will be updated whenever a new series is created!

Ever wondered how I drew when I first started Hatena? Of course you have! Check out my OLD flipnotes in my old account in Scribbler's Favorites as "Justin". Their classical!

My Channel: Scribbler's Offical Channel

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Care For A Laugh?™

Have Any concerns, business questions (copyright, exc.), or wanna chat, please feel free to contact me at

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