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My user name is "IceFN"



Fave color:blue,black, and red

Hobbies:Art, and video games ewe

Reason of joining: i was tired of being ivisible but at the time i could only draw (lame) stickmen (note: this was only LAST YEAR "2011") And now i see how ive improved... DRAMATICALLY plus if i didnt join sooner ive would`ve NEVER met great ppl like Alex,Flute101,Sgt.Dororo,nerdsmilez,melody ETC

i'm just a spark that can never be brought down even if false reporters overcome my life >:D

im hoping to be popular someday and just feel a glimps of fame for once >W<

I also have goals id like to



-15 fans *REACHED*

-20 fans *REACHED*

-30 fans *REACHED* OMFudgingGosh THX U GUYZ!!!

-40 fans

-50 fans

-60 fans

-70 fans

-80 fans

-90 fans

-100 fans (Yeah right .3.!!!)


- 500 stars *REACHED*

- 1000 stars *REACHED*

- 3500 stars *REACHED*

- 5000 stars *REACHED*

- 10000 stars *REACHED*

- 20000 stars

- 30000 stars

- 40000 stars

- 50000 stars

- 60000 stars

- 70000 stars

more will be up soon


`im double jointed in the arm

`i LUV zombies

`i wont go higer than a B+ in school (except art and english :D)

`i have a looooooooooooong fuse lmao

`i'm ALWAYS crankey in the morning X)

`i am emo

`i also have a flu its labelled..."T.S.F" aka...

The Swag Flu x3...

(-7/7/12 update) Im sry for those who are waiting on the collab FN my connection is horribly so sry...

~ IceFN..