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About me

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What up, people? I'm ShadowFist the 'bore' creator. I'm 15 (reaching 'not-so' sweet 16) and I'm the worst friend ever.

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Hatena Profile update (as of February 14th 2012)

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Working on RPs. Yep, that's it...

My DSi has almost reached it's limit and is starting to shut down.

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My O.Cs

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Shadow Fisto (the main character)

John 'Racker' Simons (army guy)

Jackk Razor (technician)

Ruby Fist (mage)

Cylna Razor (Shadow's GF)

Cerd (Training Ninja)

Dice (One with extreme luck)

King Weapon (one man army)

Joker (the main villain)

James T. Edward (defense attorney)

Desmond D. Davidson (TV Series host)

Scarr ('Soul' Survivor)

Nate Christenson (Guitarist [BS])

Ariel Bird (Bassist [BS])

Richard 'Ricky' Picks (Singer [BS])

Houston Back (Drummer [BS])

I have a secret about JOKER. Will probably be revealed in an RP.

But until then, listen to some Rick Roll while eating some cake.

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Other online info

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A little reminder, if any of my friends, fans, or favs out there also have a PS3, I can't wait to meet you online. My account is ShadowFist83. I need a message that you know me via Hatena when sending a friend request.

I play the following games online;

Uncharted 3

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit


Modnation Racers

Burnout Paradise

Buzz! Quiz World

Sonic & SEGA: All Stars Racing

Motorstorm: Apocalypse

LittleBIG Planet 2

Wipeout HD

SoulCalibur V

I do have a Facebook account but won't give my name away that easily.

There is someone out there with the username ShadowFist83 on EBay, that's not me.