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Hey. Name's Soul. I'm a quiet girl with an obsession for Hetalia, Kirby, and Pokemon. I have my own O.C's and this account is shared with my adopted brother.


Platinum Knight (PK, Plat, Platty, Platty-cat, Wildcat)- A somewhat vio.lent knight working under King Dedede, she does not take kindly to being mistaken as part dog. She loves to read, draw, and learn. She controls ice and snow, and is weak to fire and electricity. Youngest in the family.

Plato ("Bubbles")- Platinum's twin brother. He is Plat's exact opposite. He enjoys knitting and sewing, and is often made fun of for that. He controls water and water magic is ineffective against him. He is weak to electricity. He is an hour older than Platinum.

Negitive (Negi)- Platinum, Plato, and Positive's older sister. She is the eldest of the family and is generally quiet. She owns a mansion. She is also a vampire.

Positive (Possy)- Platinum & Plato's older sister, younger than Negitive. She has the ability to destroy anything she touches, and her weapon of choice is a spear. She is half-ghost, and is weak to dark magic.

Blue (Bleu)- Mother of Platinum, Plato, Positive & Negitive. She has power over fire. Not much is known about her..

Cader- Father of Platinum, Plato, Positive, and Negitive. He died in a fight, but it is known that he was a skilled swordsman.

Aurora- A master psychic. She is quiet and loves the company of children. She is not afraid to speak out for what is right, and is known to be Blue's caretaker.

Project B- A robot who was sent to Dreamland to defeat Kirby, but ended up befriending him instead. He is prone to system crashes and system errors, leading Platinum & Plato to nickname him "Error".


Yo. I'm Knight! I'm Soul's adopted brother, and I'm quite loud. I am orignally from Russia, so forgive me if I am to make any mistakes in grammar or spelling. My interests are Anime, Pokemon, and Kirby. My O.C's:

Cosmo~ A Shinigami (or Shikigami) who is known to half-@$$ his job, which is taking spirits to the underworld. He is lazy, carefree, and laid-back. His hobbies include fishing, star gazing, and sleeping. His weapon of choice is a scythe.

Aeron~ A rude half-life who feels no pain whatsoever if he attacked from the left. He is a j3rk most of the time, but he has a good heart. He does not like children and avoids them if possible. His weapon of choice is chains.

Zhuo~ A Chinese Weather Mage, her specialty being wind and thunder. She can come off as a bit of a pushover, but she is capable of fighting!




Drawing, Animating, Role-playing, Playing video games