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My name is Carina Castro,I am 15 years old and I live in South Gate, California. My birthday is on August 1st and I'm a Leo. I am NOT shy and I like freaking people out xD. Hatena is the only place where I can actually show my art to everyone. I am online most of the time. When I'm not online I am either sleeping, or at Band practice. I am a piccolo/flute player in the South Gate Marching Ram band. I am a proud musician and I am a section leader of the flutes.I am an honor roll student who enjoys learning about astronomy, physics, and chemistry. I don't talk to people that much on Hatena. I always appreciate fan art of my fan character, Carrie(she's my alter ego that looks like me). I also love art from Legend of Zelda, Mario, Sonic, Viewtiful Joe, Hetalia, and Metroid. If someone does a drawing for me, please post it to my channel. I don't like anime that much. The only anime I like is the Dragon Ball series, Eureka 7, Sailor Moon and Axis Powers Hetalia. I am a Marvel fan. I watch the shows and movies. My fav heroes right now are Thor and Capt. America(I've been watching Avengers: Earth's Mightiest heroes XD)My fav videogames are LOZ games. I love Sonic and all...but LOZ beats him gamewise. My fav sonic character is Princess Sally. My fav LOZ character is Princess Zelda. My fav mario character is Princess Peach. I LOVE THEM!!!! My fav color is peach pink. If want to know more about me, then just ask (: Oh FYI I don't like furries...just Sonic...Well, see yalls!!!!!!!One more thing...Please disregard my Hatena ID. I no longer care for ShadowTH and I don't want to start all over with a new ID. Thanks for taking your time on reading this :D