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OMG!!!!! I have the silver CITIZEN!!!! I cant believe it !!! Thank you all!!!!! :D


Yes!!! Im back!!!

Yes im thinking of a lot of stuff to do!!....If anyone wants to do RP well anything just tell me or post it on my channel call 'Shakis Channel'. :D


SO Bored!!!! :T XXDD



Meet Me Halfway PV

Alive PV

Egoista PV

Mortal Game series

Im trying to be fast but is hard.



Hello my name is Shakira but i prefer Shaki.I love to sing,dance,act

and draw.I love Michael Jackson & Vocaloid.Im a funny,sweet,creative person.I love chocolate,ice tea,pizza and more

I like meeting new people and talking with them.My B-day is in february 10. :) XD

LOVE: Shaki


Mortal Game coming soon!!!!. This is my first series and im so excited but please people dont give up because Mortal Game Will come soon. :)