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Self introduction - As I talked about in an earlier blog post, design-wise, we are stuck at a local maxima. There are so many who need Mamas. There are folks who believe that PPC (pay per click) ads rock but others are convinced that blog writers rock a lot more. In the process, many of them are showing that their success in market timing was more luck than skill, often revealing astonishing levels of ignorance about instruments and markets. They wanted nothing more than to grab him up, hold him close and run with him out of that orphanage as fast as their legs could carry them. This state lasted for quite a while and I just ran aimlessly around trying to figure out what to do next. You remember the times when you had to go out to buy, well, everything? There are so many orphans in this world who are crying out for their one and only Mama in their loneliness. Not my style. But maybe-- this Friday-- maybe you could take a few of those hard-earned bucks and offer it to a family who has quit splurging, given up trips to the mall, stopped going out to restaurants, left movies by the wayside, ignored the toys and the games and instead is working around the clock to earn what it takes to ransom their little one from a crib across the ocean. Oh, and theyve got an introductory subscriber offer for UK re...