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Hello!For your information,I happen to be a girl.My real name will only be known to my really good friends on here,but my name in Elvish is Luthien.I t means graceful;but trust me,I'm far from graceful XD I love fencing and I own two swords,Sting and Anduril (both named after swords from LotR XD).I also love drawing,and have recently started painting with acrylics.I'm also a huge Vocaloid fan,and my favorites are Haku,Rin,Len,and Miku.

I just noticed that I have a ton of unused OCs XD The only ones I use often are Rintu,Luthien,and Eldarion.

Okay,I have something almost useful to tell you now;my birthday happens to fall on Leapday,February 29th.So my real birthday only comes every four years.And I have a friend who seriously should be my twin brother,who was born on the same day,in the same hospital,and at almost exactly the same time as me,even though we're not related XD We're really good friends.

Your probably bored now.But before you go,I'd like you to check out these epic creators (I bet some of 'em will read this! XD):Gaignun,Ganta,Myra,

Princess,Z,Trent+Kity,and Mark Halo.They're all in my favorite creators list.THEY'RE EPIC.

Well,that is all!May the Force be with you,always! -Frodo