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Self introduction - Minecraft servers are a multiplayer mode available to let you connect and play as much as you wish. As soon as you done all the things mentioned above, you are good to go. Irrespective of the tricks and your familiarity with the game, only a good server will give you a hitch-free and pleasurable experience. You may consider joining the local server closest to you for better ping times to have an awesome gaming experience. For those wondering how to increase server performance, you may need a server wish more RAM or a more powerful CPU to keep up with multiplayer server demands. Given that mind need to give full attention to various actions, it does not have the time to help remind you that you are experiencing ache. Servers that have a larger population may be the most suitable for players that want to be a part of big projects. The charges may be in the form of monthly donations or charges. 4.99 USD Monthly What does Advanced Support include? If so, our Advanced Support is a great option for you! Read Server Rules - Most servers have rules that must be complied with; so, look out for such rules and abide by them to avoid getting banned permanently on such servers for breaking the rules. Many servers have active moderators that help players to learn to play games and make sur...