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my tumblr for CLT and K updates doodles and what not

I love the Lord and I'm a proud Christian :) I have much fun meeting new people and helping if/when I can <3 I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing stories, its not that I'm good at it its just really fun for me to do :)

I also want to thank EVERYONE who has taken the time to give me stars, It makes making the flips I do worth while~


My characters (so far)


Ava L. (CLT)

Amika R. (CLT)

Charis a.k.a Reese (K)

Guadalupe a.k.a. Lupe (K)

Janessa D. (CLT)

Jasmine A. (CLT)

Kagiso C. (Clt)

Kat a.k.a. Kitten, K, or Mew (K)

Natsuko a.k.a. Naughty Natsu (CLT)

Rebecca a.k.a. Becca (K)

Trinity F. (CLT)


Adán (K)

Adonis (CLT)

Apollo (K)

Conor (CLT)

Hakan (CLT)

Hari (CLT)

Jason (K)

Levi (CLT)

Micah (CLT)

Neko (CLT)

Salem (CLT)

Steven (CLT)