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hello people of hatena Sparkヤaw here!

well heres what you need to know about me!


Real Name: Giovanna

years or age: 11

Country: U.S.A

Languages: english/italian

Birthday: March, 8

Best Rank: ... (um... i forgot dB>)

Likes: chaos, cute stuff

Dislikes: stick figures, star beggers, falses reporters, and yea that type of stuff

Friends: (i do that when i have more time...)

Hantena goals: (*=yes -=working on)

Get 50000 veiw's (-)

Get 1,ooo fans (-)

Get purple star(-)

Get 1,000,000 stars (-)

Get noticed (-)

MANNNNN do i need to work harder...


um i hope u like this thinging about meh..... NOW GET OUT I DUN WANT YOU ANYMORE!

lol jk bye