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WARNING: The decription you are about to see is a little long so if you want to read the whole thing, get a waffle so you dont starve. Can you raed tihs? olny 55% of the pepole can. Sudty hvae porevn taht the huamn bairn can raed any wrod if the lsat and fsrit lteter sayts the smae and the rset in the mddile is srcmalebd. Account news: 8/21/11: Account turns one year old! 9/2/11: I posted me first collab 11/11/11: New series! TDML! 4/16/12: 200,000 stars! I'll tell a little about me in Hatena. Me 2 main goals is to make it to 300 fans and 200,000 stars :D I am just your average creator. I like making flipnotes and i make a good friend. I used to SUCK at drawing and animating but now... well... i still suck D:. I am more of a comedy type creator. I usually make up series because I just like making series for some reason :D My series: The Maze, The Class, Total Drama Universe, Total Drama SuperStar, and The Hatena Revivers (FAIL), and The mansion life (in making right now!). I am a huge Titanic fanatic :P I draw pictures about it all the time and have my own lego Titanic :D... :3 NOW FOR THE QUESTIONS+ANSWERS! Questions Where do i live? Under you're bed... duh Age? Between 9-99 Gender: The opposite of a girl Race: A race you will only see under you're bed Species: The Under-you-bed species Likes: (Hatena) Friends Being put in flips Good comments Getting Spin-offs (non-stolen ones >:O) Almost every meme Chatting with me friends Any type of flip that is not a scam or stolen True fans Dislikes: (Hatena) Bad comments Stolen flips or scammy ones Seeing others get bad comments even if their flip has nothing wrong with it When friends quit :'( People on Hatena who cyberfight eachother CYBERDATERS >:O############ Favs: Creator (friends wont count): Nico Blue Flip(s): Bye friend (Psycho) 5 dollar footlong (Nico blue) Titanic sinking (some Japaneese name) DSi 50xl (forgot creator's name) I'm blue (forgot creaotrs name) Channel(s): Kiwi shark show Weird stuff Total drama channel Themed Comedy Here is a random list of "Big flips": Titanic (animated) JamesMcJon's animated edit me spinoff Blame it on the pop MV TDSS 22 & 21 THR 1 (took me 2 months) Random facts about me being in Hatena 1. was FR'd 20 minutes before i got me 100th fan 2. Me first friend I ever met on Hatena was Tweety 3. Once me and 5 or 6 of me friends got FR'd the same day 4. I FR'd meself once 5 Have you not noticed that all me series starts with a T? (The Maze, The Class, Total Drama Universe, Total Drama SuperStar, and The Hatena revivers) Lol 6. I created the series "The Maze" before i even started Hatena of had Wifi. 7. Even if he does not know it, The one who inspired me to make "The Class" series was Kiwi Shark (somehow KSS inspired me) 8. I talk about waffles alot even though it is not me favorite food 9. I met a total of 4 people on Hatena from this other game called "Dinorun" 10. Justin Beiber is the reason i know Kiwi Shark on Hatena now XD (I wonder if he remembers what i said that got him to know me) 11. I gained about 5 fans from TDU, but over 120 from TDSS. (and 0 from the maze and it was 32 episodes XD) 12. I usually roleplay pretend to stalk people in chats. But once it was real... i stalked 2 people chatting for 10 minutes o-0. 13. Gulpin inspired me to make TDU 14. I met one of my friends on the flip "Bye friend" Random facts about me in real life: 1. Im 2 years ahead in math. 2. I won an algebra competition in 4th place before(and got a plastic trophy). 3. I like learning about random things... 4. I had a Titanic lego model before... somebody destroyed it but i rebuilt it... but i destroyed it again myself becuase i didnt have enough pieces for me Titanic 3rd class room model (lol). 5. I know morse code 6. I have a dog named Chippy and 2 bunnies :D 7. If you stop reading this, i kill you, if you dont stop reading this, i still kill you :D Series and descriptions: The maze (also called Stick maze): A little stickfigure wants to find his way back home. He has to face many obstacles to get there... in an adventure he will not forget. SERIES STATUS: Fans gained from series: 0 Genre: Action Popularity: 5/100 Rating: G Inspired by: Nobody The Class: A cute little series with high pitched voice characters. In every episode there is something different... and maybe a surprise! SERIES STATUS: Fans gained from series: Around 5 Genre: Comedy Popularity: 10-15/100 Rating: G Inspired by: Mostly Kiwi Shark Total Drama Universe: 16 different people... 1 million dollars... they have to face many obstacles to fade from fame or to accomplish victory! Who will win? SERIES STATUS: Fans gained from series: Around 5 Genre: Comedy Popularity: 10-15/100 Rating: G Inspired by: Seawaddle (Gulpin) Total Drama SuperStar: 22 different competitors walk through challenges they would never imagine. One by one would each player be kicked off until there is the last one standing. SERIES STATUS: Fans gained from series: around 120 Genre: Comedy Popularity: 30-40/100 Rating: G Inspired by: Me friends and fans The Hatena Revivers: Many different people were having a normal day... until they were told they have to save Hatena... And their adventure began... (Later the series got canceled) SERIES STATUS: Fans gained from series: 3 Genre: Comedy Popularity: 3-5/100 Rating: G Inspired by: Me friends and fans The Mansion life: A funny little series where friends hang out as a family in a mansion.Every episode has a different problem... and different ways to get out of them. SERIES STATUS: Fans gained from series: 15 (so far) Genre: Comedy Popularity: 55-65 (so far) Rating: G-PG (Some mature jokes) Inspired by: That 70's show Total Drama Mansion Life: 33 people, 1 winner. Who will win? These peeps have to suffer the dangerous games of the Mansion they live in. Now there is a ghost named Zozo coming after them all. This is Total Drama Mansion Life has been cancled SERIES STAUS: Fans gained from series: 10 Genre: Comedy Popularity: 30/100 Rating: G Inspired by: Me fans and friends Total Drama Galaxy: 19 peeps are going to suffer their worst weeks of their life. They are all up for a challenge... many challenges from planet to planet! The prize is 1 billion dollars! STATUS REPORT: Fans Gained from series: 10 Genre: Comedy Popularity: 50/100 Rating: G/PG (Mature jokies) Inspired by: Me friends and fans Cliff: There once was a little stick figure midgit. All he wanted to do is jump over random cliffs... idiot. Why you may ask? Well I geuss he is waiting for a shiny thingy at the end or something... STATUS REPORT: Fans gained from series: 17 Genre: Comedy/Action Popularity: 95/100 Rating: G Inspired by: Cledus I geuss Goals achieved: green star 10 green stars 10 friends a series a music video finished chat room with over 500 comments get tagged at least three times get false reportred (bad thing lol) get flip in hot flips get flip in most commented get put in a flip red star 100,000 stars get bronze citizen get silver citizen Get top 3 in contest get Hatena plus Win contest 1st place get flip in most popular Chat room with 1000 comments 200,000 stars Get rank 300 or better Unfinished goals: purple star blue star 300 fans get false reported 5 times (hopefully never happens lol) 3,000 fans get gold citizen (might never happen) get platinum citizen (never gonna happen ima be reported) become famous creator (2,000+ fans) Finished goals/Goals fraction 22/30 Account records (me only) Flip with most stars: Cliff 1 Flip with most views: Cliff 1 Flip with most comments: Me 2nd chat room Flip That took me most effort: Titanic (animated) Flip with best quality: TML 1 & 2 Flip with most spin-offs: THR character entry (I think) Funniest flip: TML 3 Flip with most colored stars: TDSS 22 Overall most popular flip: Cliff 1 Hatena records (me records): Most Titanic flips made: 2nd place (I think) Most series made: 3rd (I think) Most OC's: 1st (I think) Most flips posted in 1 day: 1st (posted 31 in 1 day :3) Biggest stalker lol: 1st! muahahaha STATUS: Views: Over Around 85,000 Stars: SUPER close to 200,000 :D Fans: Around 275 Inspiration level: 90/100 Activity: Active I have been making many friends on Hatena since i first started and im grateful for that :) YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME FEEL SO PROUD! :') I have many great friends on Hatena but im only gonna list the ones I know in real life: Mario6792 A.V.F. That's it... lol You are done reading... why are you still here? GO AWAY! XP (Are you done with your waffle yet?) -Bye bye for