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Hey you guys~ So I'm Sneak, fairly new to hatena and all. Heh, I dont really know what to put...Hmm...Well first of all, I'm a complete manga/anime fan. I love the stuff, its my crack. My favorites right now are Zone-00, Hetalia, Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?, kuroshitsuji, Litchee Hikari Club...theres a few more that I cant think of XD, but overall I love pretty much everything (except yuri). I'm a visual art student at a magnet school. I love to read, my favorite books being the Mortal Instrument series and Lord of the Flies. I played cello for seven years and have an extreme love of music. Hmm, I like kitties...=w= and emoticons...Anyway, so, theres a little bit about me...I might add some more later. 'w' Check ya later~