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Get. Better. At. Drawing.

Get. Better. At. Animation.

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Everyday, when I get the chance!

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from 1 to 100? -4.


Heyyyyyyy! Hows it going? Why you looking at my page? Dont you have better things to do!? xD well.... I came to this site, because my AMAZINGLY AWESOME cousin showed it to me! Thx cuz <3! It has helped me improve so much the 2 years I have been here... honestly! But I cant just stop where I am! I have to keep moving forward, yuh know!? <:) I RLLLLLYYY need to work on my laziness and animations :P I cant animate very good........

You got an IMVU account of DeviantArt? :D I do to! but im a huge noob on both xD I cant draw on the computer, and the secondary, primary colors are always getting at me e 3e

Im a Christain, which means I believe in God and I WONT tolerate any athiest, okay? By tolerate I mean I will try my hardest to bug you and change your mind. I have a friend irl who is athiest, I found out just recently... I feel its my duty to change her mind!!!!!! >:U I will change her mind if its the last thing I do...

God bless the world!