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Hi! i am snocap i go by snocube tv. and i put time and all my hard work into my flips so i hope you all enjoy them! below i have information about me if you like my flipnotes and want to be a fan. you dont have to read it cause there is alot. I WILL POST COMMENTS TO THE GOOD FLIPNOTES AND FLIPNOTES I LIKE. So I hope you enjoy my flipnotes!!! :D

hi guys! snocube tv here. my hatena account will be known as Snocube TV.

first of all i do loooove making and watching my cousins funny flipnotes. i hope that you will enjoy my flipnotes and that all spinoffs get credit to their original makers. my goal is to get at least 50 fans. but the problem is i cant draw. but soon ill learn and ill get my goal! i also want 4 more green stars so i can get a new theme. im not saying im star begging or anything. im nine years old so im not in the VERY very funny flipnote thing yet. and please no cussing and esspecially if its a bad thing. i appreciate all the stars i got from you guys. and if you like my funny flipnotes add at least 100 stars a week so the ranking can go up and i can add more funny flipnotes! if you do, you will become a Snocube TV fan and get 100 stars every month to thank you for being a Snocube tv Fan. and the longer you are a fan you get more stars! i will alert you if you get more stars. remmember to keep making flipnotes!

How i got hatena:D

it all started when i saw my cousins nintendo. she had the coolest game! (well atleast i thought so lol) it was club penguin EPF. (its a game on the computer and nintendo) now a while later in june 2011, my B-day came on june 27. i turned 9. so my aunt saw how much i wanted the nintendo. i think you will know what happened next! Yes, while i opened presents there it was. the Aqua nintendo DSi XL! how lucky i was! a month later i was looking at flipnotes more. then i really got into it. my cousins brother, (yes hes my cousin too) asked, "have you tried the flipnote hatena?" i said No. but i thought about it, and after that i checked it out at home. in my mind i thought, "this is so cool!" i watched and watched more flipnotes till I clicked details. then i wanted to draw a comment. but when i tried it said you need a hatena ID when i tried the email never came. luckily i contacted them and FINALLY got the email. (LOL) i found out how to post and all that. And thats how i joined hatena!