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Self introduction - Just be careful: falling in lava is a quick death sentence in Minecraft. A quick look at the stats for the still-in-beta PC game Minecraft reveals a very healthy business indeed. Back in September last year the game had 658,429 registered players, thats an increase of 4,222,328 in less than 5 months. Currently 1,469,513 (30.1%) people have handed over money - in September that was 155,521 (23.62%) so its clear things are headed in the right direction. At the time of writing the game has 4,880,757 registered users of which 1,469,513 (30.1%) have bought the game. In the 24 hour period we examined in 2010, 4,910 people had bought Minecraft. If you just make your game and keep adding to it, the people who copyright infringed would buy it the next week, he told those in attendance. Notch was expected to talk about piracy for 5 minutes at GDC but in the event only managed about 3 minutes, describing the experience as the scariest thing in a long time. But while he may have only utilized 60% of his available time, he appears to have packed in value and left people wanting more, which coincidentally is his game developers philosophy too. Please note that retrieving the status of a Bedrock Edition server is an experimental API that may not work in specific scenarios. Minecraft Servers...