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Well uh.....

Im a young flipnote hatena artist but give be time ill get better

So my Characters

Sarah:She is a vulpix and my main character

Alex: riolu

Felicity: eevee

Robert: umbreon

Rebecca: espeon

Maya: Shiny umbreon*

Miguel: shinx*

Anthony: absol

Marlene: sneasel

Cyrus: pickachu

Shade: Dark eevee

Jake: ?????

All of my characters except Jake and Shade are based on friends

=have not appeared in a flipnote yet

Now about me

I luv anime,vocaloid,drawing,video games,pokemon, warriors,etc.

Oh and i like reading pokemon creepy pastas

One last thing im always in need of new ideas so if u have some tell me

Facebook: Sarah Dominguez

or just tell me on hatena