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Ok,i have updated this "about me" because the old one is all long and boring and talks about pokemon and i dont play it anymore soo yeah.

You all know me as M-A,my real name is Mary-Addison,i have a 3ds,and a dsi (of course).My best friend is Betsy Vera known as on flipnote hatena,Mr.Johnson.My most favorite creator is Fleesveon,(you should check her out if you have not)My favorite video game is Rhythm Thief and the emporers tresure for 3ds.Im in 6th grade and i live in Fremont North Carolina.(Please dont come and murder me ;D)i love cats and when i grew up after both my cats die,i want a dalmation.i have websites.They are called "www.Mary-addisonscheezburgersRdelicious.cheezburger.com and www.M-Aonflipnotehatena.cheezburger.com.sooo yeah im done here.PEACE