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Self introduction - Its an interesting system, and in a lot of ways is opposite to the direction that WoW has taken. Clearly thats not all the features, but that encompasses a lot of the (current) primary game content, ignoring gathering/crafting because that is another discussion entirely. By July 2011, every Facebook app and game ought to assistance Credits, otherwise as the primary currency, then as one of the currencies backed. If you can unearth no way more quests then get started completing them. Its a relief in one way in that there isnt much that I want to do. In another way its always difficult when I dont have an MMO that Im playing. I could see how this mission structure could work well for someone not playing often. Its serviceable, but I find it rather lacking in structure. It took a little searching to find the port that took me to the next part of the map but I was able to join them, help the group for the last two boss battles and complete the quest. I almost didnt join. I may join back for the pre-Shadowlands patch. Im going to try to wait to actually buy and play Shadowlands after the first or second major patch happens but when I read about peoples it might be difficult. Besides the updates mentioned above, the new World of Warcraft Fall of the Lich King patch includes new que...