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I am most famouse for my Lil' McStitches Series. My rank goes up and down ranging from 10-200. It gets annoying, how dramatically it goes down sometimes...:/ I hope you enjoy my Flips! :D

And whoever you are that Flaged my Song contest flipnote, I hope you get banned for improper flaging! >:(

That costed me over 200,000 stars. No MoFos gonna ruin my rep.!

Just tellin it like it is:D

And You can find me on youtube. "StarchyProduction"

These are videos of me and my friends. I'll be sure to make a youtube for Lil' Mcstitches two.

And Many of you ask me why I dont lock most of my flips. I like to keep most of them unlocked because I like to see the creative spin-offs my fans make. Thats one of the most exciting parts about flipnote hatena to me.