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Here I am Once again im torn into pieces,can't deny it,cant pretend,just thought you were the one...----

I giggle while I k.ill the competion

and you'll be tripping that smirk on my face a'int funny honey That g.f.a I be representing. G-F-A A double L d-a-y. ----Aha.

Its alive,Its Alive this burning love down deep inside,I'll be your bri-i-ide you'll be my frankenstine,I need you need you totally complete me -----

I've painted these walls a million times,ive drove so far to see these lines..The only thing I wanted was with you..and I've packed my bags,ill be fine,ive made some calls and said goodbye.-----

You should know im dangerous my thrist for blood turns me sweet.------

To the posers and wanna be's feel my boot grinding into your skull,its nothing now but a freak show massacre gather round kids and enjoy the show.------

We used to own this world,now we hardly own. Who would've of known our president would be a homophoic?and why is it we vote for the obvious lie,sending people to another f/ucking country to die. We trap inisint people and cage them to tame them,just cause were jelouas,fustrated or ha.te them,your really gonna dis because of who I sleep with? im grown up now not taking your sh/it. I'll say fuhk that i'll be a g.ay man,ill take my stand,ill rip b/itches throats out with my bare hands----..


Elloh. Im lucy. Or starla,whatever you prefer. Im called "starla" by my dad because he wanted that name for me,but my mom liked lucy. so they went along with lucy,but since I no longer live her My dad calls me starla :). I prefer whatever,starla is a pretty name. js. xD Uhmmm Favorite color is black,red,neon green and pink.

But If i had to choose it would be between black or red. xD I lavh candy..uhm..I dunno..Bye xD