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Hi, I'm Arachnid, and I'm that chick who decided to steal Vriska's typing quirk. It's 8ecoming a force of ha8it.


Okay, so I'm going to post all of this as a reference for people who don't know-


Heirs need to learn to communicate and organize and work with others to get things done.

Maids/Serfs need to take care of others, even if they go un-noticed.

Princes/Queens need to learn to become less image focused and less narcissistic.

Thieves need to learn to trust others and become less image focused.

Pages need to learn to get out of the background and showcase themselves.

Seers need to learn to utilize their intuition to guide others.

Mages need to learn to realize their skills and not get caught up in self-deprecation.

Knights need to learn to stand by their friends and remove the mask they put on for others.

Witches/Aces need to learn to inspire and motivate, as well as stay optimistic.

Bards/Muses need to learn how to spread mirth and help others enjoy life.

Rogues need to learn control and independence.

Sylphs/Lords need to learn to take care of others with their inner strength and power.


Warmth - Light

Intellect - Mind

Emotional Sta.bility - Blood

Liveliness - Life

Social Asse.rtiveness - Breath

Sensitivity - Heart

Abstractness - Space

Intro.version -

Anx.iety -

Open-mindedness - Hope

Independence - Time

Ten.sion - Rage

You should take this test:


To know what level you are, and what you either excel in or need to get better at.

If you score 1-4 on your levels, pick something that suits you.

If you score 5+ pick something that you need to work on.

Hope this helps! :D