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I think the world is so wonderful

(the world is wonderful)

And we only have one change to be here

So tell me why you're hurting yourself?

I guess I just do not understand

(What's the meaning of life?)

Everything I've been told I believe

and yet,people that I love just leave

Is something bothering you a lot?

(Bothering you a lot?)

I think I'm old enough to understand

so there's no reason to hide from me

I know you said that you're not lying

(and well maybe that's true...)

So I'll push away any doubt I have...

Because I know you will tell the truth


Welcome to my perfect world,

According to Kim!

It's my turn to run the show,

Next to Kaia~

With Kaia and Kim

I'll never feel alone...

So we can play games all day long,

While the earth is spinning

Round and round and round and round and round and,

While the earth is spinning

Welcome to my wonderland

with new adventures everywhere

As long as everything's the same,

I will be okay

With --- and ---

the world will be alright

They just have to listen to me,

and do what I tell them...


Why wont they listen?


Why wont they listen?

Everyone's whispering about me

(What are they talking about?)

Do you think I did something wrong again?

Well,I promise you it wasn't me

Why does everyone think that I'm blind?

(I can see perfectly fine)

The truth is I've ignored the bad things

I guess it's too late to do that now

Where did you go when I need you?

(I needed you)

I'm left all alone

And I need to start it over now

Did you hear me scream?

I can't hold it in,Not anymore

Who am I again?

A princess? or a psychopath?

Welcome to my paradise

that's slowly crumbling away

Now I've chosen to open my eyes

Will you go away?

It's getting hard for me to breathe

My tears choke me to death

Maybe I should have never been brought to this earth at all


Never brought here at all

Welcome to my broken heart

According to a little girl

Will this nightmare ever end?

Will I be set free?

The pain is eating me alive

It's so hard to admit

But there's no point in talking at all

If no one hears me


Wishing I could just rewind it


now that it's rewinded


Now my world is perfect